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Force of Will: Days and Nights at the Carnival of Paradox

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October 4th, 2010

10:32 am - With Report: Progress
The neck is making progress. Still having problems with my arms going numb. I go back to the doc Oct 13 for xrays to see how things look. They put my on glyburide back there and over the last week I probably had 3 or 4 minor hypoglycemic episodes.

The band is playing every weekend but 2 until the end of the year.

I got a copy of Civ 5, but it sort of aggravates my shoulder to play it. Friday I was swatting at an insect and my shoulder lit up with pain as if someone was trying to break off the top end of my humerus with a pair of pliers. There's a copy of Halo Reach floating around, but I find it totally, well, forgettable. I think I've finished one level in about 3 weeks.

Keepin up with the NFL Rams who are 2-2 and relevant once again.

Been spending some more time at the PC, but if you read this, well, there are still problems that keep me from being comfortable at the keyboard.

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August 23rd, 2010

12:49 pm - Under the Knife
Am going to have the disc removed at c6/c7. Then they fuse the two vertebrae with a piece of cadaver bone and stainless. Doc gives it a 90% chance of success with the other 10% mostly being the case that I've already got permanent nerve damage...

The old computer finally bit it and it took us 3 weeks between the salvage operation and then actually giving up and getting a new one. Nothing to write home about with it being about a step up from the bargain bin.

Still giggin with the bass most weekends. Rock project bit the dust.

Changed my diabetes meds and the reflection is that one of them was basically poisoning me with side effects for about the last 3 years or so.

100% complete on Red Dead Redemption. Am back with Borderlands at the moment. Civ Rev. Blood Bowl...


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July 9th, 2010

10:41 am - With Report
Played the Tootsies gig at CMA Fest in Nashville. Went well as we made room and gas money on tips.

Health is worse and getting worse. I finally got back to a glu meter and my numbers are up 50 points on less carbs. Pills may not cut it anymore. Had a neuro response test and a dozen xrays for my cervical problems. Waiting on the docs to report there. MRI should be next.

Other than that, same old stuff...

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June 2nd, 2010

04:14 pm - The Next Vote
It's become that my next vote is always for someone that isn't in power.

So who should I vote for? What party? Libertarians have been defacto, but maybe there is something else out there for which I can get a suggestion.

Yeah, really, the choices are few, but I've got a pen, dammit...

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May 27th, 2010

03:36 pm - Assessment of the Wingnut attack on Obama's plans on Memorial Day

There are plenty of problems for which he is the last point of oversight, but this is a non-issue. But squawk is more important than enlightened debate on important issues...

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01:24 am - Stupid is...
I'm getting reports that some people are complaining because Obama is going to do his Memorial Day thing at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in IL and not Arlington in the VA.

If you can actually find out who these people are, let me know. I need to see that kind of stupid personally.

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May 25th, 2010

11:17 pm - Intiutive Grasp of Paradoxy

To think about thinking, which most of us do quite regularly. And we generate text on it regularly. No halting problem for us! We is so special!

I asked before, if Phenomenology has some impetus to be "scientific", what part of science does it follow? For the primacy and privacy of the mind would seem to forego what I find as the essence of science; to measure, predict, and remeasure. By what or how is the mind measured? Language? Action of the human body as seat for the human being?

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04:27 pm - With Report
Gremlins begone!

Washing machine broke. The front end on my van needs a lot of work but notably one of the brakes has been locking up and today it seems it stuck for good.

And were in that annual mode of paying for personal property taxes, insurance, and plates on my wifes car.

At night I talk with Tyler...

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04:33 am - Paradox of Access
There are a whole laundry list of problems. The first that comes to mind is that I can believe in miracles and yet never be witness to one. If you want a proclamation of belief to be a selling point in itself, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Or I could be lying that I've witnessed one.

So they are more imaginatively possible than ever evidently factual. Please call science for a ruler or call faith a delusion.

When I witness a miracle, I'll let you know...and still keep a private mind.

And so it is that the second part is where the trouble lies, not in any of Hume's postulating. His logic is sound. But its in whether you care to believe every looney that has a voice and spouts on about their beliefs and experiences.

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04:08 am - A dark and quiet room...
In such a place, I'll never go to sleep.

My mind goes to every bad thing of my history or imagination.

To fall asleep, as to escape most pains, I must be distracted.

Such is my life...

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