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Force of Will: Days and Nights at the Carnival of Paradox

A celebration of the flesh beyond reason...

Will Rieffer
20 October 1965
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Getting older - I've probably been there and done that, kid - married white guy with three kids William Lee aka Liam, Silvey Marie, and Declan Pratt. The wifes name is Tina Marie. I like football, deep books, bourbon whiskey, playing guitar, and games. I have made some studies into comparative religion, mythology, and by extension what would be generally called the occult.

I've been a comp'd writer for Fantasy Football Mastermind and a comp'd feature writer for StarCityGames writing about the trading card game Magic the Gathering. My StarCity Archive. I'm trying to write more, mostly science fiction although not exclusively so.

What you'll see in my blog...

Ritin/skratches. 50,000 plus words a fiction n poetry. Essays when it suits me, usually politics and issues pieces. I use lj cuts for the long stuff.

Links to cool stuff. I'm judge, jury, and executioner. I'm a voyeur that likes to look at extreme things and viewpoints. However! I'd consider myself a moderate with slightly left leanings. I can appreciate true conservatism but draw a mean line on reactionaries, wingnuts, and fascists.

Band History
Middlemarch (Cincy), Spanking Buffy (Cincy), Mayhem Flowerbed (STL), Malcolm Bliss (STL), Stack of Bones (STL), Small Ball Paul (STL), Discipline Wish (STL), Wheel Horse (DeSoto, MO), Halo of Noise (STL), Stone Mountain Railroad (DeSoto, MO)

adorno, aesthetic theory, affirmation in negation, alternative rock, amature wrestling, ampeg svt 4, anarchy, apocalypse now, astrology, astronomy, beneath the wheel, big black, birth of tragedy, black flag, bladerunner, blood bowl, board games, boss pedals, breaking lattice of souls, bumps on a log, c1+, caffeine, camus, carcassonne, card games, carlos castaneda, carnage as theater, cartoons, cashews, compound fractures ofthe soul, computer games, cosmology, counterspell, craps, cribbage, cyberpunk, declan rieffer, diabetes, discipline wish, dying from dreadful diseases, dying-for-a-true-belief, family, fender guitars, fight club, float trips, football, ford mustang, four-letter-words-like-love-and-hate, freedom, games, grey goose vodka, guillotine decapitations as lobotomies, guilt, guitar, history, husker du, incompleteness theorem, inhumanity to the savior, islands, jefferson county missouri, jesus alone inthe wilderness, jim beam, joseph campbell, knob creek, language, learning, led zeppelin, liam rieffer, liberty, ludwig drums, magic the gathering, marshall faulk, math rock, mesa-boogie amps, missouri, mono black, motorcycles, musicman basses, my last dying breath, nasa, nfl, nietzsche, nirvana, nothing, occult, open heart brain surgery, paradox, parties, paying the ultimate price, philosophy, physics, poetry, pole vault, politics, post rock, prog rock, rage against the machine, reading, rebellion, red bull, religion, rothko, sartre, schecter guitars, self loathing, silvey rieffer, smashing pumpkins, soldiers ripped to shreds, sonic youth, soundgarden, spaceflight, spector basses, spongebob squarepants, st. louis missouri, st. louis rams, stanislaw lem, starcity games, stone mountain railroad, suffering the old tattoo, suicide, sun tzu, swamps, sylvia plath, symbolism, t.s. eliot, tarot, tattoos, teaching, the man in charge, the matrix, the replacements, the simpsons, the tempted jesus, the-measure-of-a-broken-heart, tina rieffer, tool, track and field, two men three temptations, underachieving class clowns, van gogh, vans shoes, video games, warfare, wheelhorseband, whiskey, william gibson, women, wordsmithing, wreckage